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Home Maintenance Guide

The Rules on Home Maintenance

As with any home, you have to know that maintenance is very important to eliminate the unexpected catastrophes from ignorance. Even though your home is reinforced, this does not preclude the need for maintaining it. Whether you just moved in or you have lived in your home for many years, different areas may need more attention. The following include some Building Inspection Perth suggestions for keeping your home in perfect shape.


Safety measures: As soon as you are moving in, make sure that the fire extinguishers are located in many areas throughout the house. This may include the kitchen area, electrical panel, furnace area, and the fireplaces. Furthermore, one near the bedroom is very important. Likewise, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should be in place and checked biannually for proper operations.


Caulkin: When the home settles throughout time, the small cracks in existing caulking can take place on the windows, around doors, trim, and many more. This should be assessed and examined at least every six months through an approved caulk for every material for which it is employed. This maintains the energy efficiency and keeps the moisture from accessing unnecessary areas.


Filters: The world of air conditioning filters must be inspected every month and should be cleaned and replaced as necessary. This promotes energy efficiency at the same time promotes a healthier and cleaner air. Another filter to be contemplated is in the range hood, hence collecting the cooking fumes that benefits from frequent replacement or cleaning.


Electrical: As a part of every routine maintenance, all the grounded electrical receptacles must be tested every six months to ensure that the ground interruption operates properly. This is simply done by pressing all the buttons on the receptacles while the electricity is flowing to a device or appliance. Also, any extension cords around the home should be assessed for damage or overload.


Plumbing: This is also very important six it needs maintenance every 6 months. As you can see, the faucets should have all the aerators cleaned, and the fittings and pipes should be checked and tightened as needed.


Roofing - Shingles or tiles should be inspected monthly or annually and repair it as needed. This can eliminate the leak before it develops and limit the extent of the repair. This may need more frequent attention if there is abundant debris and foliage present.


HVAC systems - Aside from the filter changes, the HVAC system should be inspected and serviced yearly to ensure optimal functioning and energy efficiency.


By attending to these features inside your modular home, you will be able to reduce the expense of repairs at the end of the day. An effort of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Know about the Building Inspection Price Perth here!